RCI Convention DailyPost – No.3

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March 20, 2017

In today’s Convention DailyPost | Monday, March 20 : Make sure to attend the Annual Meeting of the Members. Go to the Annual Banquet and President’s Reception. Notes from the Annual Awards Luncheon


Annual Meeting of the Members Today

Today is your opportunity to learn about the state of the association from the officers of RCI, Inc., as well as provide your input to its ongoing success. Voting members will elect new officers for 2017-18 at the Annual Meeting of the Members in the Pacific Ballroom on the 2nd floor of the Hilton from noon to 2 p.m. A box luncheon will be provided.

Hear Outgoing President Robért Hinojosa and welcome Incoming President Michael Williams as RCI’s new leader. Don’t miss it!


Annual Banquet and President’s Reception Tonight!

The convention culminates this evening with the Annual Banquet and President’s Reception. Join attendees from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday at the Pacific Ballroom A-B on the 2nd floor of the Hilton for the reception, and at 7:30 across the hall at the California Ballroom for the banquet and entertainment.

Outgoing President Robért Hinojosa will be feted by his fellow board members following dinner. Join in the light-hearted tribute of our leader.

Liquid Blue will perform tonight at the Annual Banquet.

Afterwards, Liquid Blue will entertain attendees with its outstanding sound. Hear the same Blues Girls trio that performed the national anthems at our Opening Ceremony, a part of the total group that will offer up their award-winning music. With variety, stage choreography, and visual effects, you will be mesmerized for hours. Music and dancing continues until 11 p.m. to conclude the convention’s festivities.


Volunteers Honored at Awards Luncheon

Scores of outstanding volunteers were honored Sunday at the annual RCI Awards Luncheon.

The following major awards were granted:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Michael Blanchette
  • Horowitz Award: Pat Conway
  • Jury of Fellows: Gerald Teitsma and Robért Hinojosa
  • Michael DeFrancesco Volunteer of the Year Award: Jonathan Cannon
  • Emerging Professionals Award: Kenrick Hartman
  • William C. Correll Award: Albert Duwyn
  • Herbert Busching Award: Wanda Edwards

Other awards were:

  • Outstanding Educator Awards: Brian Gardiner, D. Keith Davis, Raymond Ramos, Joshua Summers, and Patrick Downey.
  • Certificates of Appreciation:
    • REWC Exam Development Task Force: Patricia Aguirre, George Bock, Paul Buccellato, Gerald Delaune, Stephen Hentz, David Honeycutt, William Hope, Anthony Polotto, Ted Sheridan, Ray Wetherholt.
    • Building Envelope Symposium Committee: Kathy Sweeton
    • Retiring Education Committee: Kamran Farahmandpour and James Hoff
    • Retiring Emerging Professionals Committee: Jeffrey Garrison, Joshua Hankins, and Jeremy Bridwell
    • Retiring Nominating Committee: Dennis McNeil
    • Retiring RRO Exam Development Committee: Michael Caniglia, Jonathan Maynard, and Joshua Tatum
    • Retiring Education Committee: Matthew Innocenzi
    • Retiring RCI Interface Committee: Kenneth Leggett
  • Outstanding volunteers:
    • Stephen Hentz
    • Jim Ripley
    • Russell Ibbotson
  • Outgoing region directors:
    • Scott Hinesley
    • Raymond Makiejus
    • Ted Sheridan
    • Markian Duma
    • William Waterston

Also recognized under the newly created annual tribute to Don Bush Sr., longtime chair of the RRC Exam Development Subcommittee, were 14 new RRCs. Other new registrants included 75 new RROs, 11 new REWCs, 15 new REWOs, five new RWCs, and two new RBECs.

In addition, Outstanding Chapter Awards, Document Competition Awards, and 30-year, 25-year, and 20-year pins were presented. The details will be found in upcoming issues of RCI Interface and on the RCI Newsfeed.

Robért Hinojosa (left) presents Mike Blanchette with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Russ Raymond (right) presents Pat Conway with the Horowitz Award for Conway’s article entitled, “Masonry Movement and Joint Failures.”
Dave Hawn (left) presents Albert Duwyn with the William C. Correll Award.
Wanda Edwards receives the Herbert Busching Award from Dave Hawn.
Robért Hinojosa (left) and Jerry Teitsma (right) are recognized as new members of the Jury of Fellows.
Jon Cannon (left) receives the Michael DeFrancesco Volunteer Award from Robért Hinojosa.
Kenrick Hartman (right) receives the Emerging Professionals Award. Hartman completed all of the Consultant registrations in one year.