RCI, Inc. Establishes a New LinkedIn Group

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August 31, 2016

Join the RCI, Inc. LinkedIn Group for Building Envelope Design ProfessionalsSeveral years ago a LinkedIn group for use by building envelope consultants was established.  Several RCI, Inc. members participated and the group developed a significant following. While beneficial, the diversity of users and posts led to a very wide focus and direction.

Since the group’s inception, RCI has matured and added new resources and policies to better manage the association’s expanding social media presence. As a sign of this positive growth, the original LinkedIn group will be closed on August 31, 2016.  A new RCI LinkedIn group will be activated on that date.

We hope you will make the move and join us as part of the new group. The discussion will be maintained free of promotions and sales pitches and is intended to be a resource for building envelope consultants to discuss the technologies, methods, and challenges of their profession.

And as actively moderated group under the watchful eye of RCI staff and volunteers, the group will be a great place to inquire about and seek feedback regarding RCI member programs and services.

Please read the Rules of Conduct below and accept our invitation to join the new Official RCI, Inc. LinkedIn group.

  • All discussions must relate to the building envelope and/or RCI, Inc.
  • All job postings must be in the job sections.
  • ‘Spam-like’ promotional content will be removed and may lead to the member being placed in moderation or banned from the group.
  • Refrain from posting content with no intent to start or engage in a conversation with the group.
  • Abide by RCI’s Code of Ethics
  • Anything not clearly noted as an official post from RCI, Inc., should not be construed as an official statement of position from the organization.
  • Be nice to one another.

You are invited to join the new Official RCI, Inc. LinkedIn group.

We look forward to your participation as a contributing member of new RCI, Inc. LinkedIn group.