RCI’s “Rally Congress” Offers Direct Link on Political Issues

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July 24, 2018

Find and contact your representatives and send messages

Rally Congress Screen ShotRCI has created a more effective way for members to contact their congressional representatives and alert them to key issues of interest to the building envelope industry through the “Rally Congress” link on our website.

Rally Congress highlights the top issues that may impact our industry and benefit from direct member interaction with members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. It provides RCI members with background on these issues and even a method to find the senators and representatives for their state and district.

RCI’s Director of Industry Affairs, Brian Gardiner, notes, “The Rally Congress system is not designed as a catch-all communication tool for all matters; rather, it allows RCI members to voice their opinions on specific, targeted issues where their input is essential to fight for or against legislation for the better interest of our members and the industry at large.”

When an issue needing RCI member input to Congress emerges, RCI headquarters will alert members through RCI’s Newsfeed at iibec.org, or—if time allows—through RCI Interface journal. Members can then log into the website, find the specific issue and information about it, and use that knowledge to directly contact Congressional representatives with the information.

The Rally Congress website is secured to prevent unauthorized use of members’ information or spam to their individual e-mail addresses.

Example Campaign

RCI identified an important issue of interest to all of our members concerning the strengthening of the construction workforce. We provided an easy avenue to register your opinions concerning the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act on workforce development.

Workforce development is one of the most difficult challenges currently facing the construction industry, and reforming career and technical education (CTE) programs that operate under the Perkins Act is critical to helping address workforce needs in the future.

This legislation will provide for more effective engagement between construction industry employers and educators in the development of CTE programs in the future. The reforms in this legislation will provide expanded opportunities for work-based learning and incentives to encourage the development of industry-recognized credentials. Finally, the bill will increase authorized funding for CTE programs.

This legislation has now passed in the Senate, so no further action is needed on this particular bill.  To go directly to the Rally Congress link to see this example Call to Action, visit: https://rciinccalltoaction.rallycongress.com/.

Be an active participant in decisions that affect you.