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Which Side of the Envelope Does One Open? Upside-Down House Disorients

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September 1, 2018
upside down house
Photo by Tomasz Sienicki. Wikimedia Commons.
This upside-down house in Szymbark, Poland, was designed by Polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski and was originally created as art, meant to represent the communist era in Poland.

The structure, completed in 2007, took about five times longer to build than a conventional home, as tradesmen became disoriented while working inside it. Tourists also experience disorientation after just a few minutes inside the strange dwelling.

The house is entered via a roof window, and once inside, occupants walk on the ceilings. Internally, it is furnished as it would have been during the communist era. The TV even broadcasts propaganda typical of the period when the country was “turned upside down” as communist rule came to an end.

Check out this video:

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