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September 28, 2017
2017 Convention sponsorship recipients (from left to right) Gloria Kim, Rachel Leonardo, Abigail Campbell, and Sarah Gambino.
One of the selections for giving on the RCI Foundation website is to the RCI Convention Student Participation Fund. The fund was established to allow donors the opportunity to support sending college and university students to the annual RCI International Convention and Trade Show. Donations are currently being accepted to fund up to 25 students to attend the Houston convention in March.

Initially established with funds from the “Call to Heart” at the RCI Convention and Trade Show in Orlando a couple of years ago, this fund provides a travel stipend, hotel, meal stipend, convention registration, and a complimentary one-year student membership to RCI. Average cost has been $1,700 per student.

This year, the Foundation Board hopes to raise $50,000 for this fund. To date, the Foundation has received over $30,000 designated by donors to support this fund.

Here is what some of the students who attended the convention last year had to say:

Left to right: Ethan Fregoe from Alfred State, Yeo Bom Yoon, Simin Imani Rad, Ghazal Kamyabjou, and Majd Hijazi, all from NC State
“My trip to Anaheim to attend the RCI Convention was an amazing experience. From the networking with people in the industry to the educational talks, everything was great and very professional. One experience that was memorable was the initial reception where we met with industry leaders and discussed our plans and information relating to the building envelope. I was pleasantly surprised how willing these people were to talk with students and share their knowledge.” – Scott Belcher, Virginia Tech

“Participating in the RCI Convention was such a great opportunity for me. I enjoyed visiting with the experts in the field of building envelope as well as becoming familiar with the new achievements and products at the tradeshow.” – Simin Imani Rad, NC State University

Logan Healy (center) enjoyed learning how building components fasten to one another.
“(The RCI Convention) was truly a wholesome experience that will forever influence my studies. …I now have a better understanding how building envelopes protect and preserve the spaces within. I have a certain fascination with how components in a building fasten to one another…and these fastenings can be quite intricate and rather beautiful.” – Logan Healy, Virginia Tech

Would you or your company like to help out? Please contact Development Officer Rick Gardner at, 919-859-0742 or visit: