IIBEC Chapter News – April 2021

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April 12, 2021

 Virtual World Offers Enhanced Chapter Access

A happy byproduct of chapters pivoting to virtual delivery is the opportunity for members to take advantage of educational offerings from any affiliated chapter, making it that much easier to fit earning CEHs and learning new things into busy schedules.  Being a chapter member always brings benefits like local networking and access to local social events, but recently IIBEC members have been able to virtually attend any of the numerous events offered by IIBEC’s 27 chapters and 11 branches.

Starting this year, you’ll not only find national events on the IIBEC calendar, but chapter events as well. You can also keep abreast of upcoming chapter events through every monthly edition of IIBEC Chapter News, in our weekly emailed newsletter, and through IIBEC Interface.

Looking for information on joining your local chapter? You can find a full list of IIBEC’s affiliated chapters and branches here. Are you interested in starting a local branch in your area? Please contact IIBEC Manager of Region and Chapter Relations Tara Cottle for more information!

Don’t let locale hold you back on taking full advantage of all the benefits your IIBEC membership has to offer, and check out some of our upcoming chapter events below!

IIBEC Canadian Prairies Chapter Names Leonardo Nishi 2020 Volunteer of the Year

The IIBEC Canadian Prairies Chapter recently awarded Leonardo Nishi, RRO, with the Volunteer of the Year award for his service over the course of 2020. Nishi was selected as he assumed the role of communications officer while also managing the chapter’s website before and during the transition to the new IIBEC standard. The chapter recognizes the time commitment involved for assuming not one, but two roles, noting that in addition to the technical aspect, communications officers are frequently faced with challenging questions and the odd disgruntled email, a task at which Nishi performed admirably for over two years.

Upcoming Events


IIBEC Canadian Prairies Chapter

IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter

IIBEC Delaware Valley Chapter

IIBEC Florida Chapter

  • October 21, 2021 – Building Enclosure Quality Assurance
  • October 22, 2021 – Rooftop Quality Assurance

IIBEC Georgia Chapter

IIBEC Great Lakes Chapter

IIBEC Mexico City Branch (IIBEC Gulf Coast Chapter)

IIBEC New England Chapter

IIBEC Portland Chapter

IIBEC Southern California Chapter

IIBEC Southern Ontario Chapter

IIBEC Quebec Ontario Chapter


Please note: Dates and times subject to change based on local and/or state and province regulations.