IIBEC Involvement in Roofing Day in DC Is Strong

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April 11, 2019

The International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants came out in force at this, the second annual Roofing Day in DC held April 3-4 on Capitol Hill. Seventy-six individuals out of 378 who checked in identified themselves as IIBEC members—some 20% of the total. This was a slight improvement over last year, when 72 IIBEC (then RCI) members participated. IIBEC members were second only to those from the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), which organized the event. IIBEC and numerous other industry organizations co-sponsored the gathering with NRCA.

IIBEC representatives prepare to meet congressmen at Roofing Day in DC. Left to right: Immediate Past President Mike Clark, IIBEC CEO Lionel van der Walt, Advocacy Chair Tom Gernetzke, President Bob Card, and First Vice President Scott Hinesley.

IIBEC members representing 56 companies (plus IIBEC itself) and hailing from 24 states took part in the two-day event, meeting with their representatives and senators and discussing critical issues facing our industry, such as regulatory reform (including procurement), workforce development, and immigration reform.

Photo of six IIBEC leaders in front of Thom Tillis' office.
In front of North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis’ office. Left to right: IIBEC CEO Lionel van der Walt, Immediate Past President Mike Clark, President Bob Card, Director of Industry Affairs Brian Gardiner, Advocacy Chair Tom Gernetzke, and First Vice President Scott Hinesley.

If your company was present, please send us a photo with your group from the event, and we will publish the photos in an upcoming Newsfeed article. Send photos, identifying those pictured, to Director of Communications Kris Ammerman at kammerman@iibec.org.

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  1. Fantastic effort you six committed IIBEC leaders (should have been home running your businesses) and thanks to the other 76 IIBEC members that attended! And thanks to the other 302 who weighed in on behalf of Roofing Day!

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