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IIBEC Member News – April 2020

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April 16, 2020
Michael Goolsby
Michael Goolsby

Goolsby Hired by Turnkey

Turnkey Roof Consulting, Inc. (TRCI) has hired Michael Goolsby, RRC, CDT, LEED VD+C CBO, to assist at its Pompano Beach, FL testing lab. Goolsby recently retired from Miami-Dade County, where he served as director of board and code administration. He has been in the industry for 35 years, has served as president of the IIBEC Florida Chapter, and has spoken at numerous conferences. He is an Associate member of IIBEC.

IIBEC Elects 2020 Board of Directors; Installs First Female Executive Committee Member

IIBEC conducted their Annual Meeting of the Members on March 30, 2020. Because of restrictions on travel and gathering as a result of the COVID-19 virus and the postponement of the association’s convention, 2020 marked IIBEC’s first-ever “virtual” Meeting of the Members.

A press release with additional details is available here:

If you were not one of the 481 total attendees, (or if you just want to watch again) you can view the meeting in its entirety below.

The full board is as follows:

  • President – Scott M. Hinesley, RRC, PE, of REI Engineers
  • First Vice President – Edward A. Sheridan, RBEC, RRC, REWC, RWC, PEng, of Fishburn Sheridan & Associates Ltd.
  • Second Vice President – Christopher Giffin, RRC, AIA, of Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Amy Peevey, RRO, REWC, PE, CDT, of DeSimone Consulting Engineers
  • Immediate Past President – Robert Card, RBEC, RRC, RWC, REWC, REWO, of Wetherholt and Associates, Inc.
  • Region I Director – Michael Violette, RRC, PE, of Violette Engineering
  • Region II Director – Chris Dawkins, PE, of Beech Consulting Inc.
  • Region III Director – Gene Keeton, of KDENT Inc.
  • Region IV Director – Neal Johnson, RRO, AIA, of Neal Johnson, LLC
  • Region V Director – Szymon Zienkiewicz, RRC, RRO, PE, of Larsen Zienkiewicz, Inc.
  • Region VI Director – Burt Carver, RRC, RRO, of Apex Building Sciences Inc.
  • Region VII Director – Jennifer Hogan, RRO, LEED AP, CPHC, of Pretium Engineering, Inc.

New Registrations in March 2020

NameRegistration DateProgramRegionState/Province
Gilbert W. Arnold2020-03-22RRORegion IIKY
Shawn Bellendorf2020-03-04RRORegion IIIMN
Richard L. Cook2020-03-09REWORegion IISC
Joseph Cordrey2020-03-12RRCRegion IPA
Ethan Field2020-03-05RRCRegion IMA
Arlo J. Gough2020-03-17RRCRegion IIIIL
Kathryn Gromowski2020-03-13REWCRegion VCO
Kathryn Gromowski2020-03-19RBECRegion VCO
Michael Groome2020-03-05RRORegion VWA
Adam M. Gwaltney2020-03-04RRORegion IIIMO
Patrick K. Quinn2020-03-20RRORegion IVTX
Antai Ramos Stevens2020-03-26RROInternational
Mexico City
Jonathan Shick2020-03-27RRCRegion VHI
Charles T. Sietmann2020-03-07REWORegion IIIIL
David Smith2020-03-23RRORegion IIIMO

New Members in March 2020

David AndersonA-Tech/Northwest Inc.ORConsultantRegion V
Chad AugspurgerUnified Building Sciences Inc.TXConsultant AffiliateRegion IV
San BawiRaymond Engineering-Georgia, LLCGAStudentRegion II
Joseph BeltBelt Engineering, LLCFLConsultantRegion II
Seth BomgardnerMadsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.MDConsultant AffiliateRegion I
Mary BrushBrush Architects, LLC, WBEILConsultantRegion III
Sherri BrusselBrussel Consulting & Construction ManagementUTIndustryRegion V
Dwayne BurnettStandard Commercial Roofing & Envelope SolutionsALIndustryRegion II
Ryan BurroughsMadsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.NVQuality Assurance ObserverRegion V
Jeff CarrilloTarillo Vue Aerial Photo VideoTXQuality Assurance ObserverRegion IV
Felix ConduratCBRE Inc.ILConsultant AffiliateRegion III
William CrothersOhio State UniversityOHConsultant AffiliateRegion I
Soph DavenberryNEMICWAAssociateRegion V
Paul DenorioMadsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.NVQuality Assurance ObserverRegion V
Christopher DeRosaWalter P Moore & Associates Inc.DCConsultantRegion I
Anthony J. FentonRobson ForensicILConsultantRegion III
Mary GeorgeBuilding Enclosure SolutionsCOConsultantRegion V
David GertsvolfAlgonquin CollegeONStudentRegion VII
Iqbal GrewalEXP Services Inc.BCConsultant AffiliateRegion VI
Kevin GroomsEskola, LLCTNIndustryRegion II
Erich HagleyDurham CollegeONStudentRegion VII
Alan HammellUniversity of KentuckyKYStudentRegion II
Ali HendricksonSiplastBCIndustryRegion VI
Nicholas IsaacsonIdeal Building SolutionsGAIndustryRegion II
Erika JacobsVirginia TechVAStudentRegion II
Jose M. JassoRoof Management LLCNLQuality Assurance ObserverInternational
Montre'ale JonesUniversity of KentuckyKYStudentRegion II
Ravneet S. KathuriaSouthern Alberta Institute of TechnologyABStudentRegion VI
Andre LehrBraun IntertecTXConsultantRegion IV
Rafael R. LeyvaBananas Group Inc.FLAssociateRegion II
Gary ManloveJBA ConsultingCOConsultantRegion V
Robert MartinMadsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc.NVQuality Assurance ObserverRegion V
Kyle NoakesBuilding Engineering - Consultants Inc.TXConsultantRegion IV
Olivia OgilvieRaymond Engineering-Georgia, LLCGAQuality Assurance ObserverRegion II
Nicholas OlechnowiczIntertek PSIOHConsultant AffiliateRegion I
William C. QuandtDERBIGUM Americas Inc.GAIndustryRegion II
Wade RectorTower SealantsOKIndustryRegion IV
James M. RizzoJobba Trade TechnologiesILAssociateRegion III
Richard SamsonArchitectural Specialty ResourceONAssociateRegion VII
Sergie SerranoAtlas SCSTCAConsultantRegion V
Richard St-MartinITP Interior Tarp ProtectionQCAssociateRegion VII
Mark D. VermilionJ.S. Held LLCOHConsultantRegion I