Letter from President Clark re Recommended Bylaws Change on Electronic Voting

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September 26, 2018
RCI President Mike Clark presents the following letter to voting members of RCI Inc.

Dear RCI Members,

2018 has been a year marked with changes in leadership, tremendous successes in advocacy, and steps in inclusiveness and modernization aimed at propelling RCI, Inc. to the forefront of the building enclosure industry.

As the year has progressed, RCI has been implementing various initiatives, based not only in fiscal and social responsibility, but to increase the ease and convenience with which its membership base works and interacts. One such initiative has been to re-examine the current process by which RCI’s respective elections for Region Directors and Executive Committee (EC) officers are conducted.

Beginning with the 2018/2019 elections, the RCI Board of Directors is proud to announce a recommendation to implement an electronic voting process, mirroring the current process, but simply without the paper.

The RCI board anticipates that the use of electronic voting will streamline the existing process by reducing both the cost and environmental impact of using paper ballots while providing more robust security with the convenience of an efficient and easy-to-navigate electronic system.

One member favorite will remain the same: the ability to vote on-site for EC candidates at our Annual Convention and Trade Show, after Executive Committee officer candidates have addressed the membership at our Annual Meeting of the Members.

This change is in the voting process only, and does nothing to the existing rules and eligibility requirements of all candidates for office within RCI, Inc. To accomplish this initiative, the existing RCI Bylaws will need an amendment to Article 10, Section 2, Part A, to read:

Region directors shall be elected by mail or electronic ballot cast by all eligible members within the region. Write-in candidates will be accepted on all ballots cast, provided they meet all requirements for the director position.

The RCI Bylaws already include a provision that provides for electronic voting by our members on proposed Bylaws amendments. This proposed Bylaws Amendment would expand RCI’s ability to conduct Region Director and EC officer elections by electronic ballot as well.

You will soon receive a letter from Bylaws Committee Chairman Marc Caputo, with further instructions on this proposed Bylaws amendment and how you are invited to take part in the voting process.

Thank you for your continued support of RCI, Inc. and furthering our industry as a whole.

Michael E. Clark, RRC, RWC, REWC, RBEC

President, RCI, Inc.

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