Photo Highlights from Convention

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May 3, 2018

Student Foundation Convention Scholarship Recipients

Sponsorship recipients
Front row, left to right: Janette Meyrick, Stephenie Williams, Megan Martinez, Noelene Tharshan, Jennifer Hay, Sanjiv Patel, and Liz Bussert. Second row, same order: Brandi Wagenhoffer, Jeffrey Atkinson, Rahil Mehta, Phil Fors, Thomas “Trey” King, Sarah Gambino, Navindra Budhwa, Jonathan Buehler, Anthony DiCarlo, CEO Lionel van der Walt, Scott Belcher, Hany Gaballa, Jonathan “Cole” McDonell, Alireza Bahmanabadi; Kirk Dixon Jr., and Andrew Pelletier.

Train the Trainer

jerry training
Education Advisor and Consultant Jerry Teitsma presented the 14th annual “Train the Trainer” session at the convention to potential presenters of RCI education courses. The program was developed with the goal of establishing uniformity in education delivery at both a national and chapter level. The sessions will be available on the RCI website in the near future. For further information, contact Director of Educational Services Rebecca Cunningham at

The 2018-19 RCI Board of Directors

board of directors
Seated, left to right: Immediate Past President Michael Williams, RRC, RWC, RRO; 1st Vice President Robert Card, RBEC, RRC, RWC, REWC; President Michael E. Clark, RBEC, RRO, PE, CSRP, CxA+BE, BECxP; CEO and EVP Lionel van der Walt; 2nd Vice President Scott M. Hinesley, RRC, PE; and Secretary/Treasurer Edward A. Sheridan, RRC, REWC, RWC, RBEC, PEng. Standing, same order: Region I Director Michael Violette, RRC, PE; Region II Director Christopher Giffin, RRC, AIA, NCARB; Region III Director Gene Keeton, CxA+BE, BECxP; Region IV Director Neal Johnson, RRO, AIA; Region V Director Szymon Zienkiewicz, RRC, RRO; Region VI Director Blair Baxter, RRC; and Region VII Director Bryan Fishburn, RRO.

RCI Staff at Convention

staff photo
Seated, left to right: Director of Communications Kris Ammerman; Director of Registrations Micki Kamszik; Registration Programs Specialist Debbie Wichman; Assistant Director of Communications Katey Springle Lempka (on floor); Sr. Director of Technical Services Wanda Edwards; Database Specialist Ashley Johnson; and Director of Finance Tammy Patterson. Standing, same order: Director of Technical Services Walt Rossiter; Foundation Development Officer Rick Gardner; VP Operations, Member, and Technical Services Melany Elwell; Executive Assistant to the CEO Tara Wilson; Director of Educational Services Rebecca Cunningham; VP Communications, Marketing, & Sales Karen McElroy; CEO Lionel van der Walt; Educational Advisor/Consultant Jerry Teitsma; Assistant Director of Conventions and Meetings Tina Hughes; Director of Marketing Communications William Myers; and Director of Member Services Alec Jeffries. Member Services Specialist Janice Adams was holding down the fort in Raleigh.

CIB International Roofing Committee

CIB Committee Members
A meeting of the CIB Commission on Roofing Materials and Systems was held during the RCI convention in Houston on March 24. CIB is the acronym of the abbreviated French name, Conseil International du Bâtiment (International Council for Building). Seated, left to right: Elizabeth Grant, Chair Keith Roberts, Secretary Denise Roberts, and Massimo Cunegatti. Standing, same order: Wassef Almandine, Bas Baskaran, Carl De Leon, Ralph Paroli, Mike Ducharme, Samir Ibrahim, Jean-Guy Levaque, Tom Hutchinson, and Walt Rossiter.