RCI TAC Pens Position Statement on Cool Roofs

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July 19, 2018

The RCI Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has released a position statement, which has been published on the RCI website. RCI has previously released position statements for a variety of issues, but this is the first one written by the TAC.

TAC Chair Doug Stieve led the development of this Position Statement. As leader, he recruited officemate Kenrick Hartman to provide assistance. Kenrick is a member of the RCI Emerging Professionals Committee, which approached the TAC a number of months ago, asking if it could use the assistance of EP Committee members. The TAC gladly accepted the experiment. The purpose of the resulting joint program is to provide young RCI members with a means of gaining professional involvement and experience by contributing to a real-world task that benefits RCI members. Doug and Kenrick’s teamwork was successful and such collaboration between the TAC and the EP Committee is planned to continue as the TAC produces future Technical Advisories or Position Statements.

Links to Position Statements and Technical Advisories are listed here.

This new position statement addresses Cool vs. Non-reflective Roofing.