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RCI’s “Rally Congress” Campaign

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August 28, 2018
US Capital
“US Capitol West Side” by Martin Falbisoner is licensed under CC BY-SA3.0

Weigh in on the Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act

The RCI, Inc. Rally Congress webpage is an effective way for members to contact their congressional representatives and alert them to key issues of interest to the building envelope industry.

The website is secured to prevent unauthorized use of members’ information or spam to their individual e-mail addresses.

Current Issue
RCI has identified an important issue of interest to all our members concerning the Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act.

The U.S. construction industry has more jobs available than workers to fill them. The difficulty of finding enough workers to fill job openings continues to be a serious problem.

The Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act legislation will help address workforce shortages by establishing a new visa system that enables employers to meet their workforce needs and grow their businesses. H.R. 6536 establishes an innovative, market-driven visa system that allows potential immigrant workers to fill job openings for employers with year-round, non-farm positions.

To go directly to the Rally Congress link to this Call to Action, visit: Click on “Take Action,” and it will take you to an already-prepared message (which you may use or alter as you see fit) and ask for your zip code to determine your senators.

Be an active participant in decisions that affect you.