An RRO, an RRC, and now… a Bachelors Degree

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December 14, 2020
By Benjamin Scales, RRC, RRO

Almost two years ago, I started the journey to complete my college degree. In 1989, I was invited to leave the University of Kentucky due to poor academic performance. The cloud of my youthful poor decision making, and humiliating expulsion had been hanging over my head ever since. It was not until completing online learning opportunities through IIBEC that the idea of completing my degree entered my mind.

The programs developed by IIBEC are challenging and can be highly technical. Through hours upon hours of online learning classes and the successful completion of the RRC and RRO credentialling exams, it helped me realize the power of internet-based learning programs. My relationships with fellow IIBEC members also contributed to the decision to return and complete what I had started so many years ago. Our IIBEC membership is comprised of a group of highly educated and dedicated professionals. My lack of a college degree was a glaring personal inadequacy when compared to my peers. Through encouragement from mentors and others within IIBEC, I was able to stay focused and complete my degree program in December 2020. It took sixteen months of nonstop effort and fourteen classes to complete. This time, my transcript shows a 4.0 GPA.

My reward has been so much more than a degree, as usually happens when any extraordinary effort is made. IIBEC mentorship has helped me with difficult problems and helped develop building enclosure solutions. The depth of knowledge shared across my IIBEC network has proven invaluable to me professionally. As such, the relationships that I have fostered with my university professors have become equally beneficial. My statistics professor helps me develop a long-term strategic business growth plan. My communications professor has a cohort of undergrads available to develop and enhance my corporate web presence, and my business ethics professor is on speed dial to offer guidance with difficult business decisions.

Hindsight is often used to focus on a particular failure or change in course that had negative consequences. My hindsight focuses on a pivotal moment that not only opened the door to all of the opportunities that I enjoy today but provided the income potential that made it all possible. That moment began with my membership to IIBEC. I am indebted to my IIBEC friends and mentors for all of your help and encouragement. I intend to honor our relationships and continue my educational journey by entering an MBA program soon.

I hope others might find encouragement and inspiration through my story to pursue their own goals, whatever they may be. You have my full support and if you need encouragement contact me directly. You can do it!

Since joining IIBEC in 2018, Benjamin Scales has studied for and acquired both his RRO and his RRC designations. He is also treasurer of the IIBEC North Texas Chapter, and a member IIBEC’s Chapter Development Committee. He is president of Scales Development, Inc., a roof consulting firm in Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX. He can be reached at or (858) 212-9243.