University of Kentucky Students Attend Louisville BES

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December 6, 2019

Ten students and two professors from the University of Kentucky School of Architecture attended the IIBEC Building Enclosure Symposium in Louisville, KY. The RCI Foundation (soon to be the RCI-IIBEC Foundation) helped cover their registration and hotel expenses during the event.

IIBEC First Vice President Scott Hinesley, Professor Bruce Swetnam, Alex Bosse, Joe Holliday, Omolade Akinyemiju, Professor Dan Vivian, RCI Foundations Development Officer Rick Gardner, Frank Wang, Montreale Jones, Bryson Watson, Alan Hammell, Dylan Brewer, and IIBEC President Bob Card. (Not pictured: Mary Kate Schaefer and Afif Alahmad.)
“It is a real privilege to expose these students to IIBEC and to the engineers, architects, and other professionals who are involved. I especially want to thank the RCI Foundation for making it possible for the students to receive scholarships to attend the Symposium. It was hugely beneficial for them and very exciting for me.” – Professor Dan Vivian, College of Design

“The entire IIBEC community was extremely welcoming and cordial toward our group, and it made a great impression on us. It was illuminating to see the various issues surrounding building enclosures, and I enjoyed the range of topics presented. Overall, the symposium was an invaluable exposure for my classmates and me, and we hope, as future architects, to build on this knowledge in order to address and alleviate potential problems with building enclosures.” – Alex Bosse, graduate student

“This event was absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to share my experience with my peers.”  – Mary Kate Schaefer, graduate student

“I really enjoyed learning that there was more to architecture than just designing buildings. It opened my eyes to the new field of forensics in architecture. I feel like there was a good mix of speakers and lots of information to soak up.” – Dylan Brewer, senior

“I felt this event was exceptionally beneficial for future architects to experience how their roles and experiences can integrate with others’ professional backgrounds that benefit every element of the design process. This was also a great opportunity for students to engage in practicing networking and building professional relationships within the community, and I hope the visiting professionals and their organizations felt the same way as well. I will definitely recommend this symposium to students interested in architecture, civil engineering, design and construction fields who are interested in educating themselves and in building a better sense on new design and materials available within the market,” – Alan Hammell, freshman

If you have questions or would like more information about sponsoring students to attend future symposiums or the upcoming IIBEC International Convention and Trade Show in Houston, please contact Foundation Development Officer Rick Gardner at or call 919-859-0742.