Blast from IIBEC’s Past: 1986

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November 1, 2019

Pictured are movers and shakers of RCI (now IIBEC) in 1986. Left to right: George Kanz, Bob Phillips, Bob Lyons, Dick Canon, and D.B. Hales, chairman of the first RCI National Convention, which took place in 1986 in Dallas, Texas. Final analysis revealed that 58% of the membership, listed at 126 members, were in attendance. Nine speakers presented educational subjects, and there were 25 exhibitors at the first tradeshow.

The Certified Roof Consultant Program (later to become the Registered Roof Consultant or RRC registration) was approved by the membership. The first chair was to be Richard M. Horowitz. Bill Correll, RCI’s first Executive Director, who had just announced his resignation, was named as its first Fellow (now F-IIBEC). IIBEC’s founder, Bob Lyons, was named as its second Fellow.