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Blast From IIBEC’s Past: 1992

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May 1, 2020

At the RCI convention in 1992 in Nashville, TN, Dr. Walter Rossiter, of the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), addressed the Research Committee of RCI, asking for its assistance in data collection of in-situ mod-bit roof systems. Rossiter is now IIBEC’s Director of Technical Services.

Jim Sheahan, RRC, of J.P. Sheahan and Associates, gave a talk about nondestructive testing for determining the waterproof integrity of roof membranes and seams. Jim served as RCI president in 1999-2000.

Seventy companies exhibited at the trade show. Following an advertising campaign for the latter half of 1991, 384 individuals requested membership information and 73 new members joined RCI.

The Registered Roof Observer program became a reality, and the first exam was given in Reno, NV, in June.

Walt Rossiter (left) chats with the late Jim Sheahan at the 1992 RCI convention.
Don Bush Sr. (far right) passed the gavel to Dick Horowitz.
RCI’s Disaster Response Team examined damage from Hurricane Andrew.

A database, originally known as Information Central, and later as RCI-Mercury, came into being in mid-1992. John Newark, later named as Executive Manager, joined RCI as its first Director of Technology and Information and was in charge of the compilation of Information Central.

In August, RCI’s Disaster Response Team carried out field studies in Florida in response to Hurricane Andrew.