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Blast from IIBEC’s Past: 1994

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July 1, 2020

The Standards and Practices Committee of RCI/IIBEC, chaired by Robb Smith, RRC, released “Standard Symbols for Roof Conditions and Components.” AutoCAD disk files were available for $25, with single hard copies only $5. The Publications Committee published the RCI Glossary of Terms, which was subsequently to be published twice more before being incorporated into the IIBEC Manual of Practice.

A short-lived newsletter, Base Sheet, made five appearances in 1994 and one in 1995 and was produced alternately between Interface publications.

William Correll, AIA, F-IIBEC, the association’s first executive director, was chosen as the first recipient of the Herbert Busching Award. Named for the late Clemson University professor, engineer, and first chair of the IIBEC Board of Regents, the award was presented by the Jury of Fellows to “people who have contributed to the research, standards, and education” of the building enclosure industry.

The 1994 convention, held in San Antonio, TX, was attended by over 450 people and had 103 booths in its trade show (up from 25 in 1986). Weeks later, however, Executive Director John Newark informed incoming president Sam Huff that the association didn’t have the money to pay the hotel bill for the convention… nor the printer for publishing the directory…nor the four staff their salaries. Amazingly, members stepped up, the gap was bridged, and the association thrived.

President Huff recalled 1993-94 President Joe Hale “continually calling and telling me to get the lead out. He had more ideas on how to move RCI forward than could be implemented in…25 years.”

Richard Horowitz reported on the RCI Southeastern Building Envelope Conference, held in Raleigh in October. He called it “the best single seminar I have ever attended in my professional life,” adding that it showed “what a bunch of ex-shingle salesmen know,” referring to what he had heard the association membership called a few years earlier.

Rubel, Spady, and Hogan, 1994.

Bill Rubel, Jeff Spady, and Lyle Hogan enjoy an adult beverage prior to the President’s Banquet.

Ward, Alberico, Blanchette, Huff, and Sark, 1994.

Winners of the golf tournament receive their trophies. Left to right: Chip Ward, Steve Alberico, Mike Blanchette, and presenter Sam Huff. At the podium: Art Sark.

Joe Hale, president, 1994.

1993-94 President Joe Hale does financial calculations. What’s he hoping to sell?