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Blast from IIBEC’s Past: 1996

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September 1, 2020

In 1996, IIBEC (then RCI) partnered with several organizations with which we still frequently collaborate, including NIST, NRCA, SPRI, and ORNL.

Colin Murphy, RRC, was awarded the first-ever Horowitz Award (so named for past president Richard M. Horowitz, who died the year before), for his Interface article, “Design and Practical Application Considerations for Woodblocking Attachments.”

Convention session in 1996
Trade Show Floor 1996

By 1996, convention was well attended, both at educational sessions and on the trade show floor.

The staff at HQ added two women to its number, in the persons of Kris Ammerman and Micki Kamszik, both of whom will be retired by the time this issue is in your hands. Each devoted her significant talents to IIBEC for over two decades.

The definition of a professional roof consultant was approved by the Executive Committee in July of 1996. The membership type “Facilities Manager” was created, and by September there were eight members in the category.

The Canada Chapter held its first meeting in mid-August.

By the end of the year, there were 198 Registered Roof Consultants. One—Judy Holleran—was a woman.

Meeting in 1996

Another RCI meeting, in September of 1996, in Fredericksburg, VA.

First Canada Chapter Meeting

The newly formed Canada Chapter held a meeting in August of 1996. Left to right are: Robert Jocelyn, Albert Duwyn, Graydon Hexham, Marc Allaire, Ted Sheridan, Douglas Fishburn, and Jean-Guy Levaque. Chris Love was absent.