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Blast From IIBEC’s Past: 2000

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March 1, 2021

The Foundation held its inaugural meeting on February 5 of 2000 to develop a mission statement, bylaws, and operating policies.

The Executive Committee reported that membership had grown by 21%, which was a record. NRCA and RCI formed an alliance with the intent to provide education for the industry without competing for the same audience.

The RRO Exam was updated to be multiple-choice questions.

Mike Blanchette, then-chairman of the ad hoc Membership Committee, wrote an article noting that the committee was considering having all members read the RCI ethical standards and sign a statement acknowledging that they had read and understood them.

Members were asked not to use “RCI” after their names, but rather to note they were members of RCI, and use any designations they held (such as RRO) after their names.

The Québec chapter was launched in the second half of the year, with J.P. Lacasse as president.

On November 30, the 2000 Building Envelope Symposium broke records, boasting an attendance of over 130 people.