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May 10, 2021

 IIBEC Mexico City Branch Provides Series of Webinars in Spanish

Since September 2020, IIBEC’s first outlying leadership in Central America, the IIBEC Mexico City Branch, has made their debut through the hosting of monthly webinars presented entirely in Spanish.

A first for IIBEC, these webinars presented entirely in Spanish have boasted attendance from not only members in the United States and Mexico, but have also welcomed individuals from Panama and Guatemala!

The IIBEC Mexico City Branch appreciates the support of their speakers, including previous and upcoming speaker Antai Ramos Stevens, RRO, founder of Shelter Materials & Systems. Ramos will be hosting the branch’s next online training on May 26, 2021, entitled, “Instalación de Sistemas de Bordes Metálicos Revestidos con TPO” (“Installation of TPO-Coated Metal Edging Systems”). The IIBEC Mexico City Branch encourages all Spanish-speakers to join them where she will share her expertise.

Looking for more information on the IIBEC Mexico City Branch or are you ready to get involved? Please feel free to reach out to Branch Liaison Alejandrina Galicia at agalicia@buildingdx.com.

 An IIBEC Branch in Minnesota? You Betcha!

Calling all Minnesotans! The IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter is looking for motivated members who are ready to make a mark in our industry. Region III is hoping to start a branch in Minnesota/Twin Cities as our first leadership in the state.

Feeling like you don’t know where to start?  IIBEC has you covered! While this new branch will benefit from the guidance of the IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter, IIBEC provides all of our wonderful volunteers with the leadership training and resources needed to facilitate success for their branch.

Please contact Region III Director Charles Sietmann, IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter President Ray Makiejus, or IIBEC Manager of Region & Chapter Relations Tara Cottle for more information or how to get started.

 IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter Joins Local Efforts in Procurement Reform


IIBEC is opposing legislation in Illinois that would change procurement laws including the selection of design professionals. Last week, a letter was sent in support of Qualification Based Selection (QBS) of design services and in opposition of Illinois House Bill 680.  Brian Pallasch, IIBEC CEO and executive vice president, was joined by Charles Sietmann, RRO, REWO, director IIBEC Region III, and Raymond Makiejus RRC, RRO, president of the IIBEC Chicago Area Chapter in a letter to state legislators urging them to reject the legislation and retain “a procurement process that has served the state and its taxpayers well.”

Read more here.

Please contact IIBEC Director of Government Relations John Boling for information on how IIBEC supports our members through advocacy on both a local and federal level.

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